Amour FAQs

General Questions

What makes the Amour Brush different than conventional brushes?

The Amour brush is uniquely designed to fit the contour of your hand- this makes self application a much more natural and easier experience. The oval, angular design seamlessly blends product without creating harsh lines or streaks. Plus the flexible motion allows the brush to adapt to the shape of the face, giving you a flawless finish in half the time.

Is it true that the Amour Brush is cruelty free?

Yes! The Amour Brush is 100 percent Animal Cruelty-Free! We believe that no animal should suffer in order to make a quality cosmetic brush. Instead, our oval brushes are 100 percent synthetic and truly feel like velvet on your skin.

Is the Amour Brush safer and more sanitary than other animal hair brushes?

Those who have allergies to animals may find that their skin is far less agitated when applying product with the Amour Brush. Using man-made fibers can significantly decrease any sensitivity and irritation to those with an allergy. And because bacteria and fungi can adhere to animal hair, the Amour Brush can be deemed more sanitary as well.

What type of look can I achieve with the Amour Brush?

Each Amour Brush in our 10-piece set is multifunctional and ideal for versatile function. Seamlessly blend primer, foundation, powder and concealer. Flawlessly highlight and contour for perfectly sculpted features. Want a dramatic smoky eye? The narrow shape and firm hold results in precise application with little fallout.

How Should I Clean My Brushes?

If you use your Amour Brushes often, you may notice build-up from past residue. The best way to avoid this? We recommend using our {CLEANER NAME} and a small amount of shampoo once a week. This ensures your brushes stay as fresh and as soft as possible- no matter how often you use them.

Order Questions

Where Can I order The Amour Oval Brush Set?

You can get your very own 10-piece Amour Oval Brush set, right here on our website! Simply click the “Shop” tab on the home screen, select the set(s) you desire and proceed to checkout.

Are Amour Brushes In Stock?

Yes, Amour Brushes are currently in stock, but extremely limited! Order today to ensure you don't miss out.

Does Amour Ship to PO Boxes?

Yes, we ship to all US states and territories, including Military APO/FPO addresses.

Will I Be Charged Sales Tax?

Amour charges sales tax for orders from Arizona only.

Can I save Shipping Cost on Bulk Orders?

Good news, Amour Brush offers free expedited shipping regardless of your order size.

Something went wrong, who can help?

Our friendly support staff will be happy to help you before and after your purchase. They can be reached by email or phone.

Email Support:

Phone Support: 855-204-2573

What is Amour’s Warrantee Policy?

We know you will love your Amour Brush Set but If for any reason you are unhappy reason during normal use, please contact our support staff and we will make it right.

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